Saint Gaudens Double Eagle

The Saint Gaudens Double Eagle was the $20 gold piece produced in the United States between the years 1907 and 1933. Many consider the design created by sculptor Augustus Saint Gaudens to be one of the most beautiful in history. The series includes issues which are readily available in mint state as well as great rarities which command prices well into the millions.

Double Eagle

The obverse design of the coin features an inspiring full length portrait of Lady Liberty. Against a background of rays of the rising sun, she strides confidently forward holding a lit torch and olive branch. A circle of 46 stars surround the image representing each state in the Union at the time of issue. The image is completed with the U.S. Capitol building visible at bottom left and the date at bottom right.

The reverse features a majestic soaring bald eagle with the sun visible at the bottom of the composition and its rays filling most of the fields. The inscriptions "United States of America" and "Twenty Dollars" appear above. In 1908, the motto "In God We Trust" was added between the sun and its rays.

The classic design was created as a collaboration between President Theodore Roosevelt and sculptor Augustus Saint Gaudens. The President sought to transform America's coinage into objects of beauty and expressions of national identity. The success of the double eagle design led to the redesign of other denominations and the Renaissance era of United States coinage.

Saint Gaudens Double Eagles are a favorite of collectors due to the beautiful design, the intrinsic value of the gold content, and the rich history of the series. With issues ranging from common to extremely rare, the series has something to offer for both beginning and advanced collectors.